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Lee Health Centre , 2 Handen Road , London , SE12 8NP, Telephone: 020 3049 2180, Fax: 020 3049 2181

Order A Repeat Prescriptions


It is the Practice policy that receptionists do not take prescription requests over the telephone.  This is because of the risk of  errors by way of wrong prescriptions and prescriptions ending up in wrong hands  To help your doctor please:

  • Order your repeat prescription in writing, in person or by fax
  • Use the tear-off slip you receive with your prescription.  This lists all the items you have been prescribed, so indicate with a tick which items you require.
  • Order all the items you will need in the next month at the same time.
  • Allow 48 hours before collection.  If you enclose a stamped, addressed envelope, we will post your prescription back to you.If you order your prescription after 6 pm your prescription may take up to 72 hours.
  • You can also order your prescriptions through a pharmacist, with an agreement with a  pharmacy using the Electronic Prescription Service.
  • The receptionist are not in a position to comply with urgent requests please do  allow sufficient time for us to deal with your request for repeat prescriptions. Urgent requests may well be turned down for non essential drugs that could wait for the normal 48 hours. Plan well ahead  and repeated request for urgent  repeat prescriptions, is not acceptable.
  • Hospital prescriptions are meat to be collected from the hospital. GPs are expected to  prescribe medication only as a follow up prescription on the advice from the hospital.
  • In particular. The doctors will not be able to prescribe  "hospital only prescriptions" and "urgent prescriptions", as specified by the Hospital prescriber.  Please read the prescriptions before leaving the hospital for any specifications on the prescription.
  • Repeat prescriptions will not be given for more than periods of two months except ecept for certain medications like the contraceptive pill and hormone replacement therapy.
  • Prescription of controlled drugs will be entirely at the discretion of the doctor.
  • The doctors will not be able to prescribe any of the "Over The Counter medications" (OTC) that are not supported by Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group. 
  • Medication review from time to time is part of the prescription service. Please do attend reviews if you are advised for one.

The surgery is now offering the opportunity for patients to order their repeat medication online. To register for an online account, patients need to come into the surgery with proof of identification (e.g driving licence) to collect registration details. Once registered, medication can be requested here:

EPS - (Electronic Prescription Services)

Patient can nominate a pharmacy of their choice, to collect all repeat medication.



For your safety, the doctor may need to see or speak to you before deciding whether to issue a prescription. The reception staff are not in a position to say whether the doctor will authorise the prescription.. They can only process it.If any medication cannot be issued we will inform you directly when you come to collect your prescription or inform the pharmacist who requests it on your behalf. 

If you would like to have your medications delivered, you must arrange this with your preferred pharmacy. We are not responsible for deliveries and cannot ensure that the pharmacy delivers on time.You need to speak to your pharmacist regarding delivery of your medication.

Planning your holiday plan your medication request as well.Maximum medication for those on long term illness can be issued depending on your request and  at the doctors discretion.we allow maximum of 2/3 months only.

Changes to prescribing in Lewisham -information leaflet published by NHS  is available at the reception and at the doctors surgery notice boards.

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